Tips To Crack UGC NET Exam 2018

Published on : 3rd October 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

The UGC NET Exam for the year 2018 is scheduled for 08 July (Sunday). From this year onwards, the exam pattern will see a change. Paper III has been eliminated from the exam pattern. However, the syllabi of earlier Paper II and III will now be covered in Paper II only. With almost three months in hand.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the exam -

1. Don’t neglect Paper I

Paper-I is common for all the students. It is of general nature and tests the teaching and research skills of the candidates. A common mistake which most of the students do is neglect the Paper I. They only focus on their subject paper, i.e. Paper-II. However, Paper-I is equally important as you have to score qualifying marks in each paper separately. Thus, following a balanced strategy is what will help in clearing the exam.

2. Re-Schedule the Time-Table

Now that only three months are left for the exam, you must re-schedule your time-table. We recommend preparing a more focused schedule for the last three months before the exam. Include revisions, mock test practice and working on the problematic areas in your schedule. You must even increase your study hours. Utilise this time best by working on your accuracy and time management skills.

3. Avoid overnight study a day before the exam

Both paper I and paper II of UGC NET will be conducted on the same day. So, to stay active, you need to take good rest a day before the exam. Have a sound night sleep and eat healthy so that your mind remains active throughout the exam day. We don’t recommend late night studies a day before the exam for any exam.

4. Appear for both Papers

Some students leave the exam without completing it. They appear in the first exam and then leave the examination venue before the next session. Even if you think the first paper was not up to mark, make sure you remain present both the papers. This will give you an idea of the whole exam. Do carry the question papers back home, and they will help in future preparations.

Follow these tips and put 100% efforts in UGC NET 2018 Exam Preparations. You are looking forward to a prestigious job and a fellow research opportunity, so make sure your preparations meet the same standards.

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