How To Score Good Marks In The UPSEE Entrance Exam 2020

Published on : 28th September 2019    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Have you ever given a thought to this fact that why only a few aspirants clear the UPSEE Entrance Exam and others just tend to find excuses for their failure? If yes, here is the answer to your question. We are providing you with the list of certain things that all the toppers and qualifiers follow while preparing for the exam. Check out where you are lacking and improve your strategy for the upcoming UPSEE exam.

UPSEE Entrance Exam Success Tips

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh conducts the ‘Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination’ (UPSEE) which candidates can take to get admission into the different programmes such as B. Tech. / B. Arch. / B. Pharm. / BHMCT/ BFAD/BFA/MBA/ MCA etc. With a large number of applicants and a limited number of seats, the candidates need to score good marks. You score will determine your rank and a higher rank means good college. If candidates follow the following tips, they can attain their goal of getting good marks in the UPSEE Entrance Exam.

Have You Prepared Well?

Preparing well means covering and understanding all the topics of the syllabus, practicing previous years’ question papers, appearing for mock tests to get familiar with the exam pattern, etc. Even if you don’t understand some topics of the syllabus, you must have basic knowledge about all. While solving previous years’ questions papers, take note of the topics from which maximum questions are asked. Prepare those topics in depth. Make a study time-table and strategy.

Try To Complete the Question Paper within the Time-Frame to Score Good Marks in UPSEE Exam

Candidates’ problem-solving speed matters a lot for a good score in the UPSEE Exam. Because of the time constraint, candidates need to boost their answering speed. For this, it is best to take a lot of mock tests and solve previous years’ questions papers by setting time. Doing so will help in building up confidence and boosting speed to attempt the question paper within stipulated time-frame.

Shoot the Easy Targets First to Score Good Marks in UPSEE Entrance Exam

Candidates while appearing in the exam are required to solve the easy questions first and leave the difficult questions for later. A wise aspirant never wastes his time on a question which he thinks difficult/time-consuming to be solved. UPSEE is a speed test and to score better in the exam, the aspirants must not start with attempting time-consuming questions. You can attempt such questions after the easy questions are done.

Try to Attempt as Many Questions as Possible to Score Good Marks in UPSEE Entrance Exam

Candidates should try to answer as many questions in the exam as they can. Even if they are not fully sure about the answer, they can answer the question with the most appropriate answer as there is no negative marking in the exam. However, it is to be noted that while UPSEE Exam doesn’t deduct marks for the wrong answer, it does keep a record of the wrong answer, which is considered in case of a tie.

Above all, it is always best to make your strategy before going to appear in the UPSEE exam and have full faith in your preparation while keeping a poised mind during the UPSEE Examination. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help the UPSEE aspirants score good marks in the upcoming UPSEE 2020 Entrance Exam.

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