How to Prepare Chemistry for NEET Exam 2018

Published on : 17th August 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

With less than a year to go for NEET Exam 2018, are you all ready to take your first step towards your dream medical college?

NEET is an all India medical entrance exam which filters India’s most deserving talent for about 54,000 medical seats of renowned medical institutions. If you haven’t yet started, our suggestion, get into the swing. Here, we will discuss how you can kickstart your preparation for the most scoring subject of NEET, i.e. Chemistry.

In NEET, Chemistry carries about 180 Marks weightage with about 45 questions asked from the subject. Getting good marks in Chemistry can highly build your score and your chances of getting into the institution of your choice.

Chemistry is divided into three parts- Physical, Organic and Inorganic and each of the part should be approached differently while preparations. Let’s discuss, the right way to prep for each one of them.

Chemistry for NEET Exam 2018


Last Year Weightage: 28%

People complain that a lot of mugging goes into organic chemistry, but the truth is, if you read it conceptually, you wouldn’t really need to mug up. Organic chemistry is the most scoring and yet most silly mistakes are made in this section.

First and foremost, clear your mechanical base.

Secondly, preparing for General Organic Chemistry (GOC) is the key. Some important topics from GOC include:

  1. Inductive Effect
  2. Resonance
  3. Isomerism
  4. Nomenclature


Last Year Weightage: 36%

There is a myth surrounding Inorganic Chemistry that, Inorganic chemistry is less important and therefore can be dealt lightly. Well, the numbers speaks in a better way; last year, Inorganic chemistry had the highest weightage.

Most important chapter of inorganic chemistry from which questions will be asked surely is ‘Coordination Compound’.

Another thing to remember for inorganic chemistry is NCERT is the god. Read and read it again. The concepts will get clear with each reading.


Last Year Weightage: 36%

The questions from physical chemistry are mostly formulae based. First and Foremost preparation tip for physical chemistry is, ‘Keep practicing formulae based questions from every topic of physical chemistry’.

Good part about physical chemistry is, if you keep practicing it, you will never forget the concepts since they are very different from organic and inorganic chemistry.

Make it your daily ritual to practice at least one question from all formulae.


  1. Practice is the key for physical and organic chemistry. You can get a perfect score with regular practice in these.
  2. Go for understanding REDOX reactions from Unit 8 of NCERT. You can remember most reactions based on REDOX.

Don’t leave NCERT books. Especially Class 11th Chemistry.

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