How To Start Preparation For NEET Exam 2018?

Published on : 4th August 2017

Are you planning to appear in the NEET 2018? And still thinking how to start your preparation. Coaching or self-study? Here are some tips which can help you to start your preparation for NEET  Exam 2018:

Coaching or Self-study?

Let’s start with the first question in your mind. Self study can never be a choice; it is mandatory for any exam. The question should be self-study with coaching or without coaching. So, if you think that just joining a coaching institute would be enough, you are wrong. 

On the question of joining a coaching institute, previous years’ toppers are of the view point that it helps in two ways; a competitive environment and expert guidance. And, a good coaching institute will also help in sticking to your daily study routine. So, decide wisely and don’t be too selective in joining a coaching institute. Just do some research and join a good one.

Preparation for NEET Exam 2018

Where to start from?

If you are still confused on where to start from, gather the basic information about NEET; read about the exam pattern. Information about the exam will develop your interest in the examination and give you the motivation to start preparation.

Next thing that will accelerate your preparation is Syllabus. Find NEET exam syllabus online and take a print out. Paste the syllabus at your study table and analyse the syllabus. NEET exam syllabus consists of topics from class XI and XII Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

What Next?

Now that you have the syllabus, divide the topics under Easy, Moderate and Difficult headings. Start with easy topics to boost your confidence and then move on to other topics. Make a daily study plan and follow it sincerely. To start with, you can make a weekly plan and then make a schedule for a month. Also, prepare a big one year plan.

Other Important Points

  • Keep 10 minutes break between study sessions.
  • Keep in touch with friends; it will help in releasing stress.
  • Eat healthy, being sick means loss of study.
  • Exercise, meditate or do yoga to stay active and improve concentration.
  • Take proper sleep.

Follow these tips and start preparing for NEET 2018 Exam. All the best!

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