NEET 2017 Toppers Interviews: Find Tips And Success Mantras

Published on : 12th August 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Need some motivation for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2018? Here are the excerpts from toppers’ interviews for success mantras which will inspire you to study hard and score good rank in NEET 2018 Exam.

NEET 2017 Top 10 Rank Holders

All India Rank (AIR)

Candidate’s Name

Marks Secured (out of 720)

Percentile Score



Navdeep Singh





Archit Gupta



Madhya Pradesh


Manish Mulchandani



Madhya Pradesh


Sankeerth Sadananda





Dogra Abhishek Veerendra





Deric Joseph





Kanishh Tayal





Nikita Goyal





Aryan Raj Singh



Uttar Pradesh


Tanish Bhansal




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NEET 2017 Toppers Interviews

All India Rank (AIR): 1

Name: Navdeep Singh

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 697

Success Strategy: Study hard and avoid social media.

Recommended Books: NCERT

  • Navdeep Singh took medical exam coaching from Helix institute in Chandigarh.
  • Make a proper study plan and follow it with dedication. Study hard.
  • Stay away from social media

All India Rank (AIR): 2

Name: Archit Gupta

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 695

Success Strategy: Be focused and determined with your preparation strategy.

  • Archit doesn’t believe in the number of hours to be spent on studies, he believes in the quality of efforts put in those hours. Whenever you study, give your best and don’t let thoughts distract you.
  • He said every student should prepare a strategy according to his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Revise what is taught in coaching at home on daily basis. Archit took coaching guidance from Allen Kota.
  • Keep focus on weak points and convert them into your strength.

All India Rank (AIR): 3

Name: Manish Mulchandani

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 695

Success Strategy: Hard work is the only way to success.

Recommended Books: NCERT text book for Biology, NCERT for Physical chemistry class 12th and coaching study material.

  • Set an aim and stay focused on it. Don’t get distracted.
  • Make preparation strategy for grabbing a medical seat in Government College. Study relevant topics according to exam pattern.
  • Stay ready to sacrifice movies, parties and family function. Quit social media for two years and you can continue after you get selected.
  • Use smartphones as a handy study tool and use internet to gain knowledge. Whats App is good tool to stay connected with teachers and ask your queries.
  • Do detailed analysis of last 10 years papers. Take tests and then do test analysis for mistakes. Ignore out of the box questions as they are tough for all
  • Make a formula copy for Physics; don’t stress much on derivation.
  • Keep high commitment and dedication. Hard work is the only way to success.

All India Rank (AIR): 4

Name: Sankeerth Sadananda

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 692

Success Strategy: Practice regularly and keep calm.

Recommended Books: NCERT Books, Bahadur for chemistry, coaching study material, Trueman’s books.

  • Solve sample papers.
  • Thoroughly study the Mechanism for each reaction in Organic chemistry. Study NCERT for inorganic chemistry.
  • In Physics start with physical chemistry. Do additional exercises.
  • For Biology, Sankeerth relied on coaching study material.
  • He said students should keep calm throughout the preparation phase and during the main exam.

All India Rank (AIR): 5

Name: Dogra Abhishek Veerendra

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 691

Success Strategy: Learn from your mistakes, study smart and be consistent.

Recommended Books: Biology NCERT books, coaching study material.

  • Abhishek joined Allen coaching institute. He said it’s beneficial to join a good coaching institute as it provides a competitive and learning environment.
  • He used to get up early in the morning, made a schedule for the day and used to ensure that he completes it. On school days and coaching days, he used to study for 5 to 6 hours and on others 10 to 14 hours. His study sessions were of 2 hours with 10 minutes break. Study all three subjects daily. However, he had a flexible schedule.
  • Abhishek do take time out for leisure activities.
  • 7 to 8 hours of sleep so that efficiency is not hampered.
  • Abhishek says ‘No social media’ during preparation time.
  • Solve full length papers based on NEET pattern, solve previous year papers and get used to the exam.
  • Abhishek took a full day off from studies a day before the exam.
  • Stay positive and study happily with interest. Don’t take stress.
  • Don’t study irrelevant syllabus, keep your focus on NCERT topics. Revise multiple times.
  • Make formula copy for Physics.
  • Solve previous years’ question paper.
  • Do hard work, be consistent and keep one track mind.

All India Rank (AIR): 6

Name: Deric Joseph

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 691

Success Strategy: There is no alternative but hard work.

Recommended Books: NCERT text books and study materials provided by coaching institutes.

  • Started preparation after 10th exams and joined Brilliant Study Centre for guidance.
  • Focus on all subjects and get conceptual clarity.
  • On school days, he studied for 4 to 5 hours and on leave days, the time used to increase to 10 hours.
  • Take mock tests for time management.
  • Plan a time table and maintain a systematic approach.
  • Pay special attention on Biology as it gets 50% weightage.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers.

All India Rank (AIR): 7

Name: Kanishh Tayal

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 691

Success Strategy: Don’t take pressure and believe in yourself.

Recommended Books: NCERT for all subjects, Author Pradeep’s book and study material provided by coaching institute.

  • Kanishh’s sectional score in NEET 2017 is 180 in Physics, 336 in Biology and 175 in Chemistry.
  • Motivated by the urge of doing something different from his family business, Kanishh started his preparation from class 10th by taking mock tests.
  • He believes that NEET cracked through self-studies but coaching institutes provide a competitive environment which keeps you motivated. He took guidance from teachers at his coaching institute. Kanishh was a student of Allen Kota.
  • In the word of Kanishh, well-planned strategies and patient is required for cracking NEET exam.
  • Keep a flexible preparation schedule, don’t take pressure and believe in yourself.

All India Rank (AIR): 8

Name: Nikita Goyal

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 690

Success Strategy: Disciplined and dedicated study schedule is the key to crack NEET

Recommended Books: Study material from coaching

  • Nikita joined a coaching institute for guidance and a sense of competition. She used to spend six hours in self-study.
  • Continuous practice of numeric questions in Physics.
  • Stay relaxed during the main exam.
  • Believe in yourself and your hard work.
  • She stayed away from social media and smartphone for two years.

All India Rank (AIR): 9

Name: Aryan Raj Singh

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 690

Success Strategy: Solve small numerical mentally. Make conceptual clarity.

Recommended Books: NCERT for inorganic chemistry and biology, Trueman, coaching study material, Narendra Avasthi’s Book for Physical Physics, Arti Gupta for Physical Chemistry and organic chemistry, GRB medical addition for organic chemistry, HC Verma for Physics, DC Pandey medical addition.

  • Aryan joined Aakash and Allen (distance learning) course.
  • While you read books, take teacher’s reference for understanding the concepts.
  • Make sure that the concepts are clear to you. Get a good grip on every topic.
  • He used to do 8 to 9 hours of study divided into 2 hours session.
  • Another useful tip from Aryan is solving small numerical questions mentally to save time.
  • Solve sample papers in three hours.
  • Study with dedication and hard work

All India Rank (AIR): 10

Name: Tanish Bansal

Marks Secured (Maximum Marks 720): 686

Hope these suggestions from the toppers will help you in your NEET 2018 Preparations. You must take motivation and prepare your own plan depending upon your strengths and weaknesses

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