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AIETI Medical School

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The AIETI Medical School is an International Medical college in Maharashtra. This college is a branch of the David Tvildiani Medical University. The AIETI School was established in 1989 by David Tvildiani and Dimitry Tvildiani. The college was founded with an aim to provide medical education with the best international practices. It offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph. D programs for students.


  • The AIETI Medical School, Pune is recognized by the WHO.
  • It is also accredited by the Medical Examination Committee of USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • It is a Private Medical College.

On-Campus Facilities

The AIETI Medical School believes in imparting quality education to students. It has modern laboratories, library, sports, research facilities, and clubs.

Available Application Forms

Courses & Fees

Courses Offered By AIETI Medical School

MD Program

The college has adopted very innovative method of learning. It does not follow the traditional way of medical learning. Rather the college has developed its own curriculum of learning and methods of teaching and holds it’s copyright.

Features of the MD Program, Learning and Teaching Methods

  • There are total 240 days of instructional learning.  
  • The whole course is divided into 40 Instructional Weeks.
  • Each Instructional Week is further sub-divided into 20 week semester.
  • Each 20 week semester has 30 Credit Points as per the (European Credit Transfer and Accommodation System).
  • Each academic year comprises of 60 Credit Points.

Features of PhD Program in Medicine

  • The Ph. D is a comprehensive program in medicine and biology. The programme aims at providing thorough skills and knowledge in the research area.
  • It has total 180 Credit Points.

Out of the total credit points, 150 are given for the research work and 30 for qualifying the learning component of the program.

Admission Process

For admission, students should apply through the official website of the college. They are required to fill the application form on the given date of admission and submit it before the last date of admission.

To apply for admission click on the following link – Click Here

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AIETI Medical School


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Georgia - Tbilisi / India Office, Shop: 4A,

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