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Published on : 12th December 2016    Author : Tanvi Mittal
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Dec.12th, 2016 –The IIT Campus this year has witnessed growth in the numbers of companies dropping there for making campus selection of country’s some of the best engineering minds.

Although this has filled the IIT Campus with enthusiasm and merriness and uplifted the moods and morale of the final year students of the IIT Campus, but the overall dip in the total number of off take of the students from the campus has dampened the overall mood. The offtake of students per company is less as compared to the previous year’s selection.

There are no apparent reasons for the dip in the offtake of the students, as there is no sluggishness in the Indian economy or into the world economy, that at times results in the decrease in the number of offtake of candidates by the companies. In fact, in the recent years the Indian economy is making a positive stride and the world economy has also crawled back to normalcy after the depression that struck it hard in 2008 and 2009.

However, a shift in the trend of the selection of students from various background has been witnessed. The companies making selection at the IIT Campus have clearly shown preference for students from the background of analytics, as compared to the traditional background of students from Finance, Electronics etc.

Let’s take up the example of the IIT Bombay. This year the Goldman Sachs which use to pick at least 16 to 18 students every year has picked only 13 from the campus. Similarly, BCG also picked up only handful of students nearly 4 instead of 9 from the campus. These are core finance companies and were known to select Finance background students every year more than any students from any other background. But they have selected students from the Analytics background, hence this year these companies too have deviated from their set pattern of selection. Only few companies like Deutches Bank and Flow Traders have offered roles for the core finance candidates. Even JP Morgan has hired candidate for the analytics role. Some other companies like Axis, ANZ and Citibank has selected candidates for the Statistical modelling and programming, instead of candidates with pure finance skills.

In fact, the IIT students have been offered more number of jobs for the analytics as compared to the traditional popular areas of campus placement.

Students who have knowledge about the Big Data analytics, Hadoop or similar other things were offered not only better placement with the big companies but higher packages were also kept open for them. There cannot be any denying to the fact that the market of the data analytics has grown. It is casting a sweeping effect upon almost every segment of the industry and the market. Now the business world has entered into the new age of data analytics and it has become an imperative of every company to hire such professionals of the data analytics, who can predict about the emerging trends in the market and help companies to take effective and better decisions.

As per the IIT placement cell there has been an impressive growth of 10% in the placement of students in the analytics sector.


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